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Religious Travel

Seeking to strengthen your Christian faith? Interested in biblical history? In search of your religious heritage? Looking for your Jewish roots? No matter the reason, A Love of Travel is the right place to help you find the answer. With our personalized service, expertise, and attention to detail we are committed to providing you with the experience of a lifetime.
Walk in the footsteps of Martin Luther and other Protestant leaders all over Europe. See Jesus' Synagogue, birthplace and get baptized in the Jordan. Walk in the footsteps of Jesus as you follow the route of the Via Dolorosa. Celebrate Mass at worldwide holy sites. Have your child's Bar or Bat Mitzvah witnessed by family members at the world's Holiest Site. Think about relaxing and having a chef prepare your seder meal by taking a perfectly planned Passover cruise. A Love of Travel makes it possible. Contact us for more information. And if you would like to organize and take a group on a Religious tour, see what we can do for you.

Religious Travel Specials

Faith Based Journeys

From: $3,769.00
Number of Nights: 13
14 Days, featuring: Amman–wadi Rum–petra

From: $3,189.00
Number of Nights: 7
8 Days, featuring: Vienna